Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our oil is produced with olives from over 600 plants from Frantoio, Pendolino, Leccino, Moraiolo, Maurino always from organic farming. Immediately after harvest, the olives are cold pressed (27°) and the oil from the first pressing thus obtained is bottled in 5 litres, 75 cl., 50 cl. and 25 cl.
The oil is ICEA certified (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), which attests to the absence of chemical substances, fungicides or the use of GMOs throughout the entire production process.

Characteristics: green color tending towards golden yellow, fruity taste with spicy and bitter notes.

Recommended with: vegetables, soups and white and red meats. Also excellent raw on bread. Ideal for baking and elaborate sauces.

Wines of our own production

“Montagnino” – IGT red wine (Typical Geographical Indication) produced with Sangiovese, Colorino and Malvasia grapes from our organically grown vineyards. This wine is bottled after 5 months.

Characteristics: intense ruby red colour, fruity taste with hints of red fruits.

Recommended with: rich and elaborate first and second courses and mature cheeses.

“Chianti” – DOCG red wine (Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin ) produced with Sangiovese grapes from organic farming and aged for one year in steel vats and after bottling it is kept in a horizontal position for 6 months.

Characteristics: intense ruby red colour, fruity taste with notes of wild strawberries and blackberries.

Recommended with: roasts, grilled meats, mature cheeses.

“Primo” – IGT red wine produced with Sangiovese grapes from organic farming. Malolactic fermentation for about 20 days with various pumping over, after which the wine is aged for one year in oak barriques and six months in its bottle, always in a horizontal position.

Characteristics: intense ruby red colour, robust and fruity flavour.

Recommended with: Florentine steak, roasts with fatty and tasty cuts, baked meats.

“Divino Etrusco” – IGT white wine produced with Vermentino grapes from a clone coming from Corsica. Always cultivated with organic farming.

Characteristics: yellow-green colour, dry but soft taste on the palate with intense aromas of wildflowers and herbs and a note of yellow peach.

Recommended with: cold aperitif, seafood appetizers, fish dishes, slightly mature cheeses.

“Diavolo Rosa” – IGT rosé wine produced with Sangiovese grapes and separating the peels from the liquid after approximately 20 hours, thus completing the malolactic fermentation. Always from organic farming.

Characteristics: dark pink color with typical aroma of berries.

Recommended with: served cold as an aperitif, and also with white meats.


“Grappa di Cipollatico” – Sweet grappa produced with Chianti pomace.

Characteristics: transparent colour, intense fruity aroma.

Recommended with: excellent if drunk neat at the end of a meal.


High quality Acacia Honey under our own brand, produced by a nearby farm specializing in beekeeping on our recommendation.

Characteristics: golden yellow colour, liquid-syrupy consistency, low in sugar and gluten-free (therefore ideal for diabetics and celiacs).

Recommended with: spread on toast for breakfast or a sweet snack; mixed with low-fat yogurt.