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Our biological production…

Extra virgin olive oil

Our oil is produced with olive of 600 plants of our lands, all certificated by ICEA. Suddenly after the harvest, olives has a cold pressing to guarantee all the flavor and taste. After all the oil will be bottled in bottle of 75 cl with the ICEA mark. Our olive oil is ICEA certificated, the Italian institute for BIO certification, that control all the pressing process and all the product that are used, because ICEA certificated product are not allowed to have OGM and chemical product.

Features: the deep green, the fruity taste, sapid and a nuances of flavor spicy and bitter in the mouth.

Suggested with: is perfect raw on toasted bread, with salads, on vegetable, soup, but also inside sauces.

 Red wine:

“Montagnino”: IGT red wine, produced with Sangiovese, Colorino and Malvasia of our bio grapes.

Features: ruby red in colour, with fruity taste and red fruity taste.

Suggested with: first and second plates rich and meat based and dried pecorino cheese.

“Chianti Vigne di Cipollatico”: DOCG red wine, produced with Sangiovese grapes and stay for one year in steel vats.

Features: deep ruby red in colour, fruity taste with notes of wild strawberries and blackberries.

Suggested with: grilled meat, barbecue, roasted meat and dry cheese.

“Primo Vigne di Cipollatico”: IGT red wine produced with Sangiovese grapes fom our biological agricolture. The skins mature for 20 days before the pressing and then the wine stay in a barrique and then 6 months in bottle.

Features: deep ruby red in colour, stong and fruity taste.

Suggested with: first plats meat based, steack, roasted meat and meat in the oven.

 White wine:

“Etrusco”: IGT white wine produced with our biological Vermentino grapes.

Features: deep yellow, dry taste but soft at the palate with a deep smell of wild flower and notes of yellow peach.

Suggested with: Sea aperitif, fish and fresh cheese.

 Rosè wine:

“Diavolo Rosa”: IGT rose’ wine produced with our biological Sangiovese.

Features: deep rose’ colour with red fruits taste.

Suggested with: Aperitif, cold with appetizer, little pizzas, chips, sandwiches.


“Grappa di Cipollatico”: grappa produced with Chianti pomace.

Features: deep taste and fruity smell.

Suggested with: end of the meal.


Acacia Honey of high quality with our name and produced by a farm near the farm, specialized in the apiculture behind our indications.

Features: gold yellow in colour, The product has an amazing liquid consistency and thanks to our homemade production there are not added sugars and gluten free so also diabetics and celiacs can eat our honey.

Suggested with: on biscuits in the morning or for a sweet break, mixed with light yogurt.


Our Agricamping is also an apreciated Biological winefarm, mostly directed on the production of Wine, grappa, Acacia Honey and extravergin Olive oil.
Our building reserved for our guest, was born in 2007, and had some renovation works with also an increase of essential services like WI-FI connection.
Cipollatico is also a lovely restaurant where you can taste food and delicious plates of the Tuscan tradition.
Our restaurant has two room for a total of 30 person.